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  1. Following our successful fund raising at our Winter Wonderland Ball we have been able to purchase a much needed horse to carry our older, more able riders.

    Our new recruit is a smart, 6 year old 15hh black cob from Ireland called Tommy. He is both well mannered and eager to please, no wonder he has already proved popular with our riders, coaches and volunteers. He has spent his first couple of months in training and is now being used regularly in lessons.


  2. Our first holiday for six riders was held in Wales at the Clwyd Special Riding Centre during August. This was funded through our Winter Wonderland Ball. The holiday provided a fabulous opportunity for those taking part to spend five days riding in the beautiful Welsh countryside and to learn all aspects of caring for a pony.

    A big thank you to all the volunteers who went with us to help and also to    those who stayed back home at the stables to support Abi.

    holiday in wales