The RDA sessions could not run without the dedicated volunteers give up their time to support the group whether within the lessons, fundraising or with the administration of the charity. As a volunteer, at a session, you may be asked to be a pony-leader, side-walker or to help prepare the pony ready for the lession. Whatever your role you are vital to the success of the group. All volunteers over the age of sixteen and not in full time education are asked to complete standard safeguarding checks.

Belvoir Vale RDA group encourage volunteers from all backgrounds, funds and support them to get the most from their experience.

We will offer placements for people completing their Duke of Edinburgh, Pony Club Achievement badges, and are part of the Youth Equestrian Leaders (YELA).

We welcome volunteers of all ages and levels of experience. Whatever your interest, whatever your contribution, we will make you welcome.

Volunteering is hugely rewarding knowing that you are helping to make a real difference to the lives of disabled children and adults. As well as boosting your confidence it can help you learn new skills. 

Belvoir Vale RDA cannot function without the support of our wonderful volunteers. As a new volunteer you will be made very welcome. There is a wide range of roles within RDA many of which don't require any previous experience. Volunteers can be part of our group from the age of 12 and we welcome applicants with a disabilty*. Getting started is a simple process, however there are some key steps to take before you can begin. To get started you need to complete the following....

Volunteer Application Form 

As a new volunteer you need to complete an Application Form which will include providing two references. All enrolment information is confidential and will be used for RDA purposes only.  

Download application form for volunteers

Disclosure Check

If your role means you are involved in delivering an RDA session you will be asked to complete an enhanced disclosure check. Our Group Safeguarding Officer will be able to support you with this. 

Green Card

Before you start you will be asked to complete and sign the front page of a RDA Volunteer Basic Record Card which is known as a Green Card. Inside your Green Card is a log of the training you have received relating to different tasks you may carry out as a volunteer.


As part of your induction and basic training an experienced volunteer will take you through all you need to know in order to carry out your role effectively and safely. Belvoir Vale RDA hope you will enjoy volunteering with us and will do everything we can to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. 

Note * RDA works hard to ensure that we are able to offer opportunities to any person, regardless of background. Therefore where there is sufficient capacity and where the welfare of our participants and horses is not put at risk we endeavour to find a suitable role for any person with a disability.